12 Best Gifts for Aviation Lovers

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Gift Guide Aviation Lovers

It is the holiday season, which means that it is time for cheer and gift-giving. For some people (like Sheldon Cooper), gift-giving can be quite an intimidating activity, especially if there is someone in your life with a specific passion.

So today, we are going to help you pick the perfect gift for all your aviation loving family and friends, doing our bit to end up in Santa’s nice list!

pilot checking his plane pre-launch pauses to look down runway

Most ideas from this list came from a specific wedding gift ideas related website called Party Wedding. This is because I got the inspiration for this article when I was at a good friends wedding. Feel free to check out the website mentioned above!

Whether your budget is in the double digits or triple digits, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

1. Aircraft Model

You can not go wrong with model airplanes. And a true aviation lover can never have too many of them. An aircraft model that is made well has dual benefits; it lasts forever and makes for a beautiful display at home, or adorn the workplace.

And if your aviation enthusiast is one who has children, making this model aircraft can be a fun activity to do with their little bundles of joy, and also an exciting way of passing on their passion for aviation.

2. Nautical Sextant

We know that sextants are not part of aircraft. However, they were an essential invention for navigation. And a pilot understands how essential the right tools for navigation are.

3. A Piece of an Airplane

If you want to make an AvGeek’s day and are ready to shell out some cash, then you could try searching for an original airplane piece or part. You creative get creative and track down aircraft parts that can be used as d├ęcor.

And you have a reasonably good chance of finding a vintage pilot bag or galley cart on Etsy.com. Items like these carry history and make for some great conversation starters.

4. Pilot’s Tools

This nifty little kit, stores all the essential items that one might need in times of an aviation crisis. Also, toolkits for pilots have not been around for a long time, which means they had to struggle to find the tools for their troubles. So this ensemble would be a great and useful gift.

5. Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses

Now we understand that this is a fairly obvious option. But what most people consider Aviator sunglasses are not the real deal. Serengeti is a trusted brand for eye wear options, and it is also a hit among the aviation community.

There isn’t much room for error with a pair of sunglasses. As many aviation enthusiasts spend their time outdoors, these sunglasses will shield them from the glaring sun as they peer over the horizon.

6. Airplane Ride

There is no better gift than the gift of experience. And any AvGeek would jump at the opportunity to fly and ride on an aircraft of their dreams. Everyone knows that flying is expensive, so even though AvGeeks passionately love airplanes, they may not get the opportunity to fly as often as they would like.

Buy them a gift card or enrol them for a class at the nearest flight school or set them up for a ride on a historical warbird, and who knows, maybe they will even let you tag along!

helicopter pilot smiling while listening to air traffic controller

7. Aviation Themed Pieces of Art

A beautiful aviation photo or piece of artwork makes for a fair and thoughtful gift for the average aviation fan, and it also makes it easier to incorporate it with their existing decor, without much hassle.

Depending on if your loved one would enjoy posters or photographs can help sway your decision. There are many witty posters on Aviation available online, which can be framed to make the perfect wall hanging.

8. Aviation Themed Pure Leather Wallets

This makes for a more subtle way of including aviation into an everyday essential. It is made using 100% genuine leather. This wallet is classic, as well as sturdy. It has the pilot’s wings symbol embossed in one corner.

This gift will make your beloved AvGeek think of you every time they look at this beautifully crafted wallet.

9. Books or DVDs About Airplanes

For many people in the field of aviation, their passion for aviation has also resulted in a thirst for information about the area they so adore. So informative or even fictional books on aviation themes are enormous hits.

DVDs such as the hit TV show “The Aviators” or an Aviation Documentary like “One Six Right” are frontrunners from our end.

Or maybe your loved one would appreciate excellent coffee table books like “In the Cockpit: Inside 50 History-Making Aircraft” or even’ 101 things to do with your pilot’s license’. They can make for an exciting read as well as a great conversation starter.

10. Aviation Attire

Now we do not mean a full-blown flight suit, Top Gun style. But a few pieces of Aviation merchandise can never hurt. Most of the cheesy clothing items (with the monikers of “I’m Cool Because I’m a Pilot!”) do make a great gag gift or stocking filler.

But if you are in the mood to brighten up their day, then Aviation themed jackets are available in many different versions. You can easily find both leather and Bomber jackets on the internet that would make any AvGeek happy.

11. Aircraft Bookends

If your AvGeek has a collection of books from the many places they’ve flown to, then this could be the perfect gift to display some literary gems. This bookend, shaped like a vintage plane, would look gorgeous on any mantle and would be ideal for holding their favorite aviation books.

12. Flight Simulator

This are the big guns. But they make a fantastic gift for aviation enthusiasts. The X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator is probably the best flight simulator software available for aviation enthusiasts.

It provides them with an experience of all the real adrenaline rushing moments of being in the clouds.

Pilot and flight attendant interacting with each other

We hope that our list makes your holiday season easy, both in terms of decisions and budget. We also hope that the gifts end up bringing joy and cheer in the lives of those who receive them.

Which gift did you end up picking? Do you have other suggestions about a gift for Aviation enthusiasts? Let us know here!

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