24 Best Aviation Gift Ideas for Pilots

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What to Buy for the Mavericks in Your Life?

When you have a member of the flying squad in your circle of friends or family, buying a gift for them becomes both comfortable as well as challenging at the same time.

On the one hand, you know they would adore something aviation-themed, but on the other hand, you are completely stumped as to which aviation-related surprise would they appreciate most.

So we are here to help you with your gift-giving quandary. While buying gifts for pilots, one must try to combine the thrills of flying high and a little bit of creativity, with a touch of practicality and precision.

So sit back and go through our little guide to buy the best gift for the pilots of your life, that are tailored to meet both your budget and their expectations.

Oh, by the way, some of these gift ideas came directly from a German website named Stonefoot. They have some fantastic and exciting gifts listed on their website, check them out!

Portrait of male pilot in airplane cockpit

Best Gifts for Pilots

1. Best Pilot Tumbler

Many of the best gifts are also the simplest. And this customizable tumbler, with the pilot’s name along with the word “BEST EVER”, will attain just that. Personalize it to your tastes to make a thoughtful gesture.

2. Leather Jacket

This is simple, dateless, and a fan favorite. Made with 100% leather, it includes a storm flap covering the YKK zip, and it also has a Second World War United States flag embossed on the interior. This will make their pilot pals jealous.

3. A Pilot Lounge Sign

Something elegant and polished to add to their decor at home. A fun vintage piece, this makes for the perfect new addition to an aviation geek’s existing decor at the home bar or even the office cocktail.

It has the option to have their name written on the top alongside some aircraft art and our favorite three-dimensional hand-crafted martini glass.

4. Bose Aviation Headphones

This gift has both style and function. As we all know, Bose, the World’s top brand for quality audio. Luckily for us, their headset is a premium gift and has an aviation theme that will leave the pilot in your life drooling.

It can be a little heavy on the pocket, so if the Bose is out of your budget, try the headsets by Kore Aviation.

5. Trust Me. I am A Pilot Tee

A little bit of a cheeky gift, it is sure to put a smile on your loved ones face. And they are never going to buy it for themselves, so why don’t you help them out a bit?

6. Vintage Aviator Sign

Dateless style meets old-world charm in this neat little personalized wall decor to decorate their walls. It is an excellent gift for a pilot who seems to have everything.

7. GoPro Mount

For the pilots who are also camera enthusiasts and want great pictures or videos. You can help make their life more comfortable with this aircraft GoPro mount.

Hand-crafted from airplane grade aluminium, the mount fits like a glove literally on any aircraft, which is equipped with tie-downs. This makes it the perfect gift to be used by any pilots as well as those flight school students.

8. An Airplane Necklace

It is simple, chic, and not over the top. Get a cute little necklace, along with a note which has a sweet message.

9. Personalized Lounge Barrel Pilot Sign

The top of the barrel is called “Quarter Barrel,” which can make for the perfect gift ever. This is a unique item for someone who wants to keep away from the things that just say “Pilot” or “Aviator.”

We have various Quarter Barrel Signage gift options that can be customized, along with different themes ranging from wine, Barbecue, whiskey to golf, garage, and everything else in between.

10. A Portable Charger

There is no job more travel sensitive than a pilot’s. And everyone who stays far from the base for extended periods knows that a charger is essential, how else would they keep in touch with their loved ones.

With a charger that packs a 26800mAh battery, it is enough to charge any smartphones a minimum of six times, or it can charge a tablet twice over. It provides nine days of unlimited usage on average.

As a bonus, it can also charge at least three different devices altogether, which makes it the great travel buddy for any aviator.

Close up of captain's epaulettes

11. Travel Adapter

Anyone who travels a lot will tell you hat sockets, and adapters can be a pain in the neck during different stopovers. Most pilots already own one. However, if you know a fresh graduate, we are sure they will appreciate it.

And honestly, if your beloved pilot has one in their travel bag already, they regret not keeping a backup, as we all know how easily small items mysteriously disappear in our luggage. This is a must-have pilot’s accessory for surviving this modern age.

12. A Pen for Pilots

Another great contender for a stocking filler is this nifty little pen that has an LED light attached to it. It comes in handy for checking and marking maps when there is not a lot of light available.

13. David Mccullough’s Wright Brothers

For the pilots who also share a love for reading, this nifty little book will be a blessing. Let World David McCullough, a famed historian, take you through the lives of two bicycle repairers hailing from Ohio, specifically Dayton, and single-handedly changed the course of the historical tides.

This national bestseller carefully drafted at the expertise of a Pulitzer Prize awardee, not once but twice, is a page-turning biography that will reignite any pilot’s sense of fascination.

14. Vintage Aircraft Plaque

For the chasers of storms, the sky warriors, and cloud divers, this timeless wooden tablet is the definition of perfection. It can also be personalized by a name board that can be hung in an ode to old-world style and is made entirely in the United States of America.

15. A Quirky Coffee Mug

A witty little cup that will make their day from the moment they hold it. We are sure the pilot in your life enjoys some beverages for this cup that could be utilized. An aviation enthusiast who appreciates wit, as well as some humor, will appreciate this gift as well.

16. Whiskey Glasses with an Aviation Theme

This is the best gift for the pilot, who is also a whiskey connoisseur. A set of wonderfully crafted whiskey glasses is the right mix of both worlds. They have a 13.5-ounce capacity. You can boast about some exquisite art of vintage airplanes soaring high.

While you are on the lookout for gifts that combine old malts and a love for flying, you might also want to check out some options for tailored whiskey barrels as well as bar decor too.

17. Coaster Set

It comes in a pack of four different aviation themed coasters. They make for the perfect kick back and chill partners for the pilot of your life. Each is different than the other, and all of them have a display picked from the instrument panel.

18. A Vintage Map for Travellers

A personalized timeless and classic wooden sign makes for a perfect anniversary present for the traveller pilot and their spouse. You can pay homage to a wedding, a magical honeymoon, or your favorite destination. A simple gesture celebrates their love for globetrotting.

19. Remote Controlled Hobby Aircraft

All pilots love airplanes, regardless of their size. A hobby plane reminds one of their yesteryears filled with a childlike fascination with planes. And of course, sometimes it’s great to fly with your feet firmly grounded, just to switch things up.

In any scenario, we assure you that the pilot you love will adore a remote-controlled hobby aircraft.

20. Daddy’s Co-pilots Aviator themed Keychain

This adorable Keychain makes for the perfect stocking filler. It comes with a banner that reads, “Daddy’s Co-Pilots,” accompanied by a vintage bronze aircraft charm as well as a clip along with as many personalized name tags on “clouds” as members of the family.

21. 3D Aircraft Card

A beautiful card is a cherry on top of your main gift for your pilot. This card is adorned with an enchanting sketch of an aircraft high up in the sky and surrounded by the fluffiest little clouds, which looks whimsical.

So open it and be greeted with a 3D plane which “flies off” of the map. It has some spectacular detailing, including windows.

22. A Custom-made Pilot Sign

Made from carefully crafted steel and molded-in propeller-like shape. It also has a customizable name board. It is a classy and subtle gift to adorn both the home or the workplace.

23. An Old World Pilot’s Lounge Sign

It’s difficult for someone to not fall in love with the skies after having seen them so up close and personal. So if the pilot in your life is as head over heels in love with the heavens as we assume them to be, then this neat lounge sign id the best gift for them.

Made and sourced entirely in the United States from beautiful polished wood, this lounge sign arrives ready to adorn your chosen wall at home or elsewhere.

24. Aviator Glasses

We left the most obvious one for last Aviator glasses, cliche, or classic, whatever you may call them. You can’t deny that they are the pinnacle of a fantastic gift tailored for pilots.

So were we successful in our goal to help you find the perfect gift? Were some of these items already in your wishlist? Did a wonderful gift skip our attention? We are excited to gear all your inputs and feedback! Write to us below!

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