What Bags Do Pilots Use?

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Pilot Bags

The bags used by airline pilots are not universally defined. In some cases, the airline companies provide the entire flight crew with bags, whereas the other times, you have to arrange for your luggage.

The weight of the luggage that can be carried by pilots with them has certain restrictions since the size of the bag should be suitable enough to fit it into the cockpit.

The bag usually used by pilots is called “pilot’s bag.” Generally, a wheeled suitcase is the primary choice for bags since it is easier to roll it over the floor when pilots have to cover long distances on foot. But it is observed that pilots often carry backpacks or handheld bags as a replacement sometimes.

Attractive woman pilot sitting in the helicopter

Ideally, the recommended combination of bags that we consider perfect for your journey is a wheeled suitcase along with a small-sized flight bag.

As a pilot, one needs to carry several relevant documents such as employee ID, passport, pilot license, and other required items, including toiletries, Chargers, flashlight, high-quality earphones, and so on.

So, the choice of the luggage should be such that pilots have these essential items handy with them when required.

Therefore, it is advised that important stuff should be packed separately in a small flight bag, whereas major clothing should be accommodated in a different wheeled suitcase.

Some of the basic features pilots look for in a suitcase are warranty, durability, and affordable price since they are required to use the bags for a sufficiently long period, that too, quite frequently.

Some of the best brands of pilot’s bags that fulfill these prerequisites are Briggs & Riley Baseline, Travelpro, Samsonite, and Delsey Helium Aero.

Here is our complete guide for finding a suitable bag for you in case you are a pilot, and if not, you can have a look at this article for more pilot related gifts.

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