What is the Aviation Football Cup?

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Aviation Football (Soccer) Cup

For football fans and aviation enthusiasts, the Aviation Football Cup is something they are well aware of.

It is a football (soccer) tournament that is hosted only for aviation professionals from around the world. The first tournament was held back in 2005, in Portugal, and airline employees initiated it, and ever since, it has merely continued to grow leaps and bounds.

This tournament has specifically been designed so that aviation professionals from around the globe can meet, travel, play, celebrate, and interact with each other. Ever since it has been 14 successful years for the tournament, and it just keeps growing every passing year.

There are a total of 155-plus teams that participate in this tournament. Over 950 games are played, and more than 4000 professionals attend, scoring over 4000 goals. A total of 50 nations and five continents take part in this prestigious tournament, which is only open to aviation professionals, and they have a gala time.

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What brings each participant to this tournament is his/her shared love for the game, for travel, as well as all the values that are attached along with these, such as – team spirit, fun, and laughter, cultural experience and exposure, a competitive sporting atmosphere, honesty and fairness in the games that are played, as well as creation of friendships that are to last a lifetime.

The tournament is open to amateur football clubs – related to the aviation industry – all around the world. The only criteria is – the participating team should all be a part of the aviation industry – part of airlines, airports, cargo, handling, controllers, travel agencies, and the like.

They can be current or former employees. However, there is a small exception to this hard and fast rule – every team is allowed to bring in two non-aviation members into their team, provided they are non-professional football players.

The registration process requires participating teams to show their company ID cards, to confirm that they belong to the aviation industry and are not professional football players. However, amateur non-aviation teams are also allowed to participate in the tournament.

The organization might make an exception to providing wild cards based on the final decision, as is taken by the organizing committee. The best part is, teams can send in as many participants as players, staff as well as guests as they like.

The teams are divided according to sections referred to as pots (which is a system followed only competitions when there are more than two groups) based on their rankings in the Aviation Football Cup’s rankings at the start of every tournament. Each group contains one team from every pot.

The teams all have seven players on each side, and the games are played outdoors on either artificial or natural grass. There are three divisions – men’s team, women’s team, and teams for more than 35-year-old men.

Final Words

Thus, if you’re ever wondering what the Aviation Football Cup is, know that it is one of the biggest coming together of football and aviation.

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