Your kitchen cabinet is a default part of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are used as storage for kitchenware, food, and cooking equipment. These are the built-in furniture installed in kitchens. Modern kitchen cabinets integrate other appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers into it to save space and accessibility.

That is why it should be of high quality. High-quality kitchen cabinets have the best of the basic and standard material, form, function, and look. Kitchen cabinets are expected to survive for long years, around 20 to 30 years. The most common kitchen cabinet issues have sagged doors, loose hinges, and deteriorated drawers. These issues affect the quality of storage a kitchen cabinet should serve.

Are you planning to install a new kitchen cabinet? We listed pro tips on how to choose a high-quality kitchen cabinet. By this, homeowners will prevent commonly reported issues in cabinets and will worth every penny they spent on it.

Kitchen Cabinets should have All-plywood construction

Most providers use particleboard, plywood, or a combination. Between the two, particleboard is economical but it not that durable because it is prone to crushing and damages caused by moisture. Hence, an all-plywood kitchen cabinet is highly recommended because it lasts. Plywood is strong enough to maintain its form from delivery, installation, and use. Plywood can support heavyweight and damage caused by moisture regardless of the kitchen cabinet design Red Deer. It is costly at first but it will save you big time in the long run because you will only experience minimal repairs for an all plywood cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinets should have soft-close hinges and glides.

Loose hinges and gliders are the most reported issues in kitchen cabinets. With regular use, hinges and glides loose and rough due to rust. Hinges hold the door of your cabinets. Thus, quality cabinets should use quality hinges to make sure that the cabinet has no stiff doors. Doors can be properly opened and closed, making your storage reliable. It is recommended to use soft close hinges and gliders so that it can be easily adjusted. Soft close and under-mount drawer glides provide the smooth and silent movement your cabinet drawers. Especially when you have kids at home; the soft-close feature is a way of precaution to prevent accidents arising from cabinets like clipped fingers when kids tend to open and close doors and pull the drawers.

Kitchen Cabinets should have melamine interior.

Melamine is an organic compound use to laminate decorative and other wares. In the case of kitchen cabinets, melamine makes surfaces durable. Considering the things that you will store in your kitchen cabinets, melamine prevents tear and wear, as well as bubbling and staining. It will also make your cabinet fire and stain-resistant. The light color of the interiors can clearly show what is inside the boxes and drawers. Highly encouraged materials that can be laminated with melamine are plywood, wood veneers, and particleboards.

Kitchen cabinets should have a warranty from providers.

Warranty is confidence and security. Hence, providers should have service warranties to the kitchen cabinets they make. This way, homeowners are secured that what they paid for is durable and reliable. We prefer the lifetime warranty offers compared to the short term because the cost of repairs and installation gets expensive from time to time.